So Versatile! And Totally Impossible To Screw Up I love, love, love how easy these are to install and how cnvnenieot they are. I've pretty much installed them anywhere even in my car, for goggles my kids seem to lose inside their bags before swim practice. Since drilling inside my car to install a hook would probably make my husband think I'm nuts I installed these instead. But seriously, they work great in so many different places by the front door for keys that would otherwise always go missing (I'm pretty sure I've wasted years of my life searching for my car keys), for towels that need to be hung up but the hook is too high for little hands to reach, for umbrellas you want to get off the floor. Plus, if you're not thrilled with having to drill random holes at random heights throughout your house these are perfect. And, if you screw up with the installation you can always start all over without having to patch up a large hole in the wall. Also, if you have kids that use permanent lockers at school or for sports, these are great for installing inside the lockers for extra hanging space so everything isn't randomly piled on everything else. Command really made a great product!P.S. If you're in doubt about what size you need, I'd err on the side of caution and go up one size to the Medium. [url=]buemzjp[/url] [link=]zkfuozgwtd[/link]

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